Most of the products are processed and full of chemicals that can harm our body.So why throw your money on something that is not healthy when you can save your money, save your health and save the environment. You can make most of the product from food to personal care and even cleaning products in a very simple and easy way.

Note: Use organic food and ingredients in the recipes if possible. The sea salt is better than table salt. Use healthy oils like coconut oil. You can use raw sugar cane or honey instead of refined white sugar. Just bear in mind about the health of your body and choose the best ingredients for the mind and the soul.

Here Is The LIST Of The 45 Things You Can Make at Home:

Ketchup – it tastes better than one from the store, it has no added sugar and it won`t break the bank.

Mayonnaise– it is easy and simple to make and it tastes better than the bought ones.

Peanut butter – you shouldn’t buy peanut butter when it is easy and healthier to make it your own. You only need 3 ingredients to make it for your entire family.

Nutella – it is better to give your children something you have made and you know what you have put inside instead of what is bought from the store. Here is an amazing recipe.

Butter – the butter from the store is preservative laden, calorific heavily and mechanically produced. You can make your own with only 4 ingredients and a kitchen mixer that I am sure you have. it is simple and tasty.

Spice mixers – the spice mixers from the store include many things in them like questionable ingredients such as filters, preservatives and other unwanted flavor enhancers. So the healthier, cheaper and tastier solution is to make it by yourself. here are 17 combinations that you can start with..

Salad dressing – You can make it your own and make it fabulous. Don’t use the bought version, just make it healthier and easier on your own.

Maple syrup– Today if you buy it in the store you will spend a lot of money on it. you can collect your own and save money.

Shampoo– You can use it to help reduce frizz, fight dandruff, moisture and soften the hair in one. So next time you are in the store for one just think what you will get from making your own instead of buying.

Coconut Oil Deep conditioner– you can treat your hair, making it soft manageable and shiny with these three ingredients. It is economical, natural and luxurious conditioner that you can make it on your own.

Body wash– this simple recipe and the method of preparation can help you have soapy and bubbly wash for all skin types. It is money saving.

Squeezable toothpaste– it is all natural and mineralizing that can help you have healthy teeth and maintain your oral hygiene.

Minty mouthwash– the ones you buy are chemically produced and maybe with alcohol, you can make your own that will save you money and improve your oral health at the same time. It is healthy and simple to make.

Herbal deodorant that is strong– chemically filled deodorants should go to the garbage. Make your own in just few ingredients. It is natural.

Moisturizing cream made out of honey, beeswax and almond oil – This has been used for over 2000 years. It will help your skin smooth and hydrated. It is thick, velvety and the qualities will amaze you.

Natural sun screen – Usually the sun screens we buy are made out of toxic chemicals and ingredients that can do more damage than protection for the skin. Here is a natural alternative that will help you a lot.

Mascara– The compounds used in the mascara we buy are arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, nickel, lead and thallium. Are we sure we want them on our eyes? You can make it your own, save money and protect your skin.

Tinted Lipstick – You include beeswax pastilles, shea/cocoa butter and coconut oil in this recipe. You can make it as a powder by adding beetroot powder for red hues, cocoa powder for brown hues and bentonite clay for a matte texture. It is simple to make and healthier for the lips.

Eye liner– It is simple to make and cheap. You can also use it to make smoky eye shadow as well. You only need $o.24. Here is the recipe.

Bronzer– Better for the skin is to make your own bronzer. It is simple, cheaper and you can customize to fit your skin. Here is how to make it and use it.

Natural Blush– Don’t buy the ones in store to make your cheeks blush. You can make your own that will bring your cheeks up and rosy. It is a natural blush recipe that your face will love it. The money you throw for blushes can be used somewhere else. Just make it and save money.

Under eye serum– You can use this anti-wrinkle serum because it is all natural. It contains ingredients such as tamanu oil, vitamin E oil, grapefruit seed extract, avocado oil, carrot seed oil and many more all natural and healthy.

Bees lip balm– there has been a copy cat recipe in the site that can help you make your own version of the famous Burts Bees Lip Balm. It usually costs $2.50 for one balm, you can make it for just $0.12 per tube. The difference can help you a lot on the long run. Just make it your own.

Lavender Bath Salts– It is very simple. Just few ingredients like Epsom salts, sea salt, dried lavender buds and lavender essential oil can make a difference. Use these instructions to make your own bath  salts with lavender.

Anti wrinkle cream– On the market we hear and see many product that can make us “ten year younger”. Are you sure you want to spend sooooo much money on them without knowing what they can do to your face? A lot of those creams are made with chemicals, preservatives and artificial ingredients. The worst part is that they are so expensive. It is easier to make your own and save your money. Make it!

Lemon Lavender Aromatherapy Candle– if you make your own aromatherapy candle you will see the difference from the ones you buy in the stores. The homemade candle burns clear and fragrant while those bought in the store release smoke and soot. Just improve your home with the amazing smell from this lemon lavender aromatherapy candle.

Reed Diffusers with Essential oils – The ones you can buy in the stores are made from chemicals, without even mentioning the money, they are so expensive. So to make your own you can only use any essential oil you like and you can even blend different oils together so that you can make and create an aroma that your family will love. It is perfect, simple, easy and it can be unique for you and you can make it different every time if you like.

Potpourri made at home– You don’t have to pay for it, it is simple to make. You can make it for your taste. Fill in different fragrances and make your own favorite smell. You can even add some seasonal elements and make it special and unique for you and your family.

Herbal Incense made home– Here is an amazing video that can show you how to make your own incense for your taste using only herbs. It can be wonderful sent and aroma for your home.

DIY Scented Plug in refill– Here is a tutorial that can show you step by step how to make your own fragrant. Get rid of those horrible toxic liquids made out of chemicals bought in the store and replace them with healthy, wonderful fragrant that is definitely toxin free only with essential oils.

Jelly Air Freshener from Essential Oil– you can add any essential oil you want and make it your unique and amazing for you. You can even mix few different oils together if you like. Make a different scent every time and have different smell for your home.

Fake Febreeze – If you look on the Amazon you will find it for $6.99 and if you make it at home it will cost you $0.15. See the difference? The best thing is not just the money you save, it is all natural. So if you try to count how much money you will spend if you buy one a month then I am sure you will reconsider this amazing homemade natural fabric softener from this recipe.

Mod Podge– You can make some for yourself if you are a good grafter and you like it. You will save money and you will surprise yourself how easy it is.

Un paper towels– You can make some towels that you can use several times, all you need is to purchase materials once. You can save money and the paper towels won`t bother you again.

Natural Bleach Alternative– the bleach cleaners can be very strong and can irritate your skin and eyes. Not to say how much money you spend on them. You can make your own that acts and cleans like bleach and will not harm your skin or eyes. They are all naturally made.

Polish furniture made of beeswax– To make your furniture shine and to gloss your wooden furniture you can use the best thing. no need for expensive polishers you can make it your own. It is a very simple recipe using only the beeswax.

Bath Tub Scrub– You need to clean and scrub your bath frequently. So instead of buying a lot of products that sometimes don’t even work you can make it for yourself and clean the bath tub. You will need lemon essential oil and only other thing that might surprise you…eggshells. You need to ground up the eggshells mix it with baking soda and a citrus essential oil and scrub your bath. It is easy, you have all the ingredients at home and it is very effective. You need to try it and see for yourself.

Laundry detergent and it’s the best– We all know how much money we spend on laundry detergents. We wash our clothes regularly. So count how much money you spend buying it. It is cheaper to make it yourself and the best thing is that it is all natural. It is very effective and you can use it for any washer type you need. It is also safe for the septic tanks that will not clog your water canal. Try and see how much money you will save.

Liquid Dish Soap– The homemade liquid dish soap is all natural, organic and antibacterial. You will also save a lot of money. If we compare the made liquid dish soap to the one you buy in the store you will notice the money amount. 32 oz batch made at home costs around $1.20 and the one bought in the store around $4.47. See the difference? Make it yourself.

Foaming hand soap, all natural– the foaming soap you can make at home is natural, green, non-toxic, chemical free, organic, gentle and antibacterial. Do you need something more?

Detergent Cubes for the dishwasher– All you need to make this simple cubes are four ingredients like washing soda, Epsom salt, Borax and lemon juice. Mix them all together and leave them to dry. They are amazing when it comes to washing the dishes and it will also save you money.

Fabric softener all natural– we all want our laundry to smell amazing, to be fresh and soft for longer period. With this recipe you don’t need to buy any more fabric softeners that are toxic and maybe harmful for the skin, you can make your own.

Disinfectant Natural Spray– All you need are four ingredients such as water, eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree essential oil. They have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic properties cleaning and disinfecting the surface in your home. No chemicals, no toxins, great aroma and amazing money savings.

Non toxic glass cleaner– There is an amazing tutorial that can help you make your own non-toxic, natural glass cleaner for just $0.45 per bottle. It will clean better than those you buy in the store and the aroma will make you feel happy.


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Most of the products are processed and full of chemicals that can harm our body.So why throw your money on something that is not healthy when you can save your money, save your health and save the environment. You can make most of the product from food to personal...